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CashBacco eCig Blog - Information and articles about Electronic Cigarettes and e-Liquids in the UK

If you are considering buying an ePipe 618 traditional style Electronic Smoking Pipe then you should read this article in full.

The first thing we would mention on this CashBacco consumer product review is that we sell only the best quality and original ePipe 618 version.

The factory we buy from is the responsible owner of the patent for this product and we have made sure that any changes that are possible have been implemented into the design and manufacture process.

This review is...

Looking for Disposable Electronic Cigarettes or Online eCig Shops in the UK?

Disposable e-cigarettes are an all in one choice for those people who are regular smokers and wish to try an electronic alternative. Cashbacco’s disposable e-cigarettes can be helpful for first time users and for those people who want to try an e-cigarette before they buy a greater quantity of product.

Our disposable electronic cigarettes are not like the cigarettes available in the past. Our disposable e-...

With every passing day the e pipe 618 or electronic smoking pipes are becoming more popular and replacing the use of traditional tobacco pipes. If you are after an e-Pipe for yourself or as a gift for someone else then you have reached the right place. Keeping in consideration the customers’ needs; CashBacco offers high quality, handsomely designed e-pipes.

If you compare our e-pipes with other ePipes on the likes of ebay, amazon and other such etailers, we guarantee that you will...

Here at CashBacco we offer original atomizers and eLiquids online in different flavours for the Kamry k1000 e-Pipes. These atomizers are made using a transparent tank; otherwise known as a clearomizer.

All atomizers that are meant to be connected with Kamry ePipes are carefully crafted. The high-quality of the Kamry product is ensured throughout. The atomizer tanks are NOT replaceable with other sorts of tanks. (eliquids are also available for vaping and we offer over 50 various...

Posted by in Disposable e-Cigarettes on Apr 18, 2014 .

The disposable e-cigarettes (800) offered by CaschBacco are an inexpensive choice that offer a very realistic vaping experience. These can last as long as 800 puffs which make it equal to 4 packets of 20 traditional cigarettes.

4 packets of 20 traditional cigarettes would normally cost a minimum of £32, CashBacco offers the 800 puff disposable e-Cig at £4.99.

CashBacco disposable e-cigarettes make a perfect travel companion. You can simply slip them into a pocket of purse or shirt...

Electronic smoking is replacing traditional smoking very quickly. If you have also moved to electronic smoking from traditional tobacco smoking and are in search of an electronic smoking pipe or e-Pipe, then you have come to the right place.

CashBacco offers a number of ePipes including this electronic smoking e-Pipe 618 in a beautiful gift box at a fairly low price. The e-pipe 618 has charm in the design with fabulously handsome sleek looks and a painted plastic body with a wooden...

Posted by in eLiquids Made in the UK on Apr 18, 2014 .

Here at CashBacco, we spend a great deal of time experimenting with innovative eliquid flavours. We tweak old flavours and test and retest the ideas to create the best eliquids and flavours. Our customers are amazed by the high quality of our eLiquid products but at first numerous customers can be sceptical.

Most people who try our electronic cigarettes and eliquids leave a review. Our quality eliquids are based on using only the purest pharmaceutical grade liquid nicotine. This signifies...


CashBacco™ electronic cigarettes & e-liquid products for sale on this website are not to be purchased or used by people aged under 18.

If you are unsure of the effects of nicotine, please consult your local general practitioner or a doctor. Most e-liquid & electronic cigarette products contain nicotine which is an addictive drug. CashBacco™ products are not intended to be used as a nicotine replacement therapy. Our products may be harmful to a persons' health & you should not use them if you are allergic to any ingredients within. Females that are pregnant or breast feeding should not use our eLiquids or alternative electronic smoking products, nor should any person with bad or ill health. CashBacco™ trade-mark, associated marketing & market identifiers are the exclusive intellectual property of CashBacco Limited.

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