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Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution to Quit Smoking this New Year 2015

Posted by in eLiquids Made in the UK, Disposable e-Cigarettes, Electronic Smoking ePipes on December 22, 2014 . .

This time of year always fills us with Holiday spirit and we tend to look towards life with optimism. The beginning of a New Year (2015) and a fresh start is usually a part of the New Year’s celebrations and a New Year is never complete without some New Year resolutions.

New Year's Resolution to Quit Smoking

Whether it is about losing weight, giving back to the community or simply to quit and give up smoking, keeping to these New Year resolutions can be much harder than it seems. It is a good habit to start these resolutions as it gives us a chance of changing ourselves for the better in a new year ahead.

You may wish to quit smoking and tried hard every year to make sure that you don’t break your New Year’s resolutionBut sooner or later, the craving for nicotine can take over and all your plans of living a smoke free life are derailed. After a few weeks without a cigarette or maybe even a few months the craving sometimes won’t let you be. Just like losing weight requires some serious amount of discipline and a good diet plan, in order to quit smoking you need to be determined and totally dedicated to the cause.

But is losing weight easier than giving up smoking? When you are on a diet, at least you have alternative foods to satisfy your cravings. There are replacement therapies such as nicotine patches and nicotine gum for nicotine addicts as well, but they effect does not always seem to last long enough. As the year progresses and you go through the physical and emotional rollercoaster in your daily life, you can’t help but buy a pack of cigarettes and go off track. So what do you do to keep your no smoking New Year resolution? The best solution could be to switch to electronic cigarettes. These modern tobacco smoking alternatives could be the best thing to assist your no smoking New Year resolution.

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes
  • Electronic Cigarettes Can Save Tobacco Smokers Money!

Smoking may be a bad habit for many reasons but it is also an expensive habit. People who smoke can end up spending more than £1000 every year on tobacco cigarettes. Switching to e-cigarettes is usually a fraction of this price since they can be bought as reusable and the spares and e-liquids don’t cost too much. Think about your wallet and how much you could save by keeping your New Year’s resolution to quit smoking.

  • Keep Your Nicotine Craving At Bay

Some people have been trying to quit smoking for many years and for them it is not a way of life but an addiction that they wish to be free of. The nicotine craving that is satisfied by smoking tobacco cigarettes can be easily substituted with electronic cigarettes and can help to replicate your usual nicotine consumption. E-cigs available comprise of e-liquid chambers (atomizers & clearomizers) and vaping batteries. The eliquids with nicotine have a controlled percentage of nicotine in them which can help traditional smokers limit their daily nicotine intake.

Electronic Smoking e-Pipes

The problem with tobacco cigarettes is that if you buy a pack, the craving won’t go away unless you smoke it all off. With controlled amounts of nicotine consumption through eCigs, you could limit yourself and slowly yet steadily move towards your fulfilling your New Year resolution to quit and give up tobacco. With enough will power and calculated effort, you can move towards using e liquids that contain zero nicotine and proudly say that you don’t smoke or use nicotine anymore.

  • Helping the Environment

We are always thinking of giving back to the community and doing something about the deteriorating conditions of the environment. We forget to account for the billions of cigarette stubs that we throw out which are basically non biodegradable.

Anyone who has ever made a New Year resolution to quit smoking faces a mammoth task. But why make it any harder than it is? If you just can’t go on anymore without a cigarette, try an e cigarette to curb the tobacco or nicotine craving. E cigs may not help you quit smoking in an instant, but it is a start and a less expensive or cheaper lifestyle without much comprise.

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