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Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe to Use?

Posted by in eLiquids Made in the UK, Disposable e-Cigarettes, Electronic Smoking ePipes on November 09, 2014 . .

Safety Aspects of Electronic Cigarettes

e-Cigarette SafetyElectronic cigarettes are not only a booming industry, but they are also being accepted into society more and more around the world. These nifty alternative smoking devices have their own advantages over traditional cigarettes such as being safer with no burning ash and cheaper.

Despite of it being a possibly safer way of inhaling nicotine, there are a few things that you should know when it comes to eCig safety and if they are harmful. After all, even a pair of scissors can be fatally dangerous if you do not know how to use them properly. If you want to know more about the safety of electronic cigarettes, this short article is going to explore the subject.

  • Why is an Electronic Cigarette Safe?

You may have heard all about electronic cigarettes being a healthier alternative compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes or just tobacco. However, this article is not going to cover that. This article focuses on the overall safety of electronic cigarettes compared to normal tobacco sticks.

The biggest advantage of electronic cigarettes, in relation to safety, is that they do not make use of an open flame. Traditional cigarettes have a significant potential of setting your home or any room on fire. In fact, statistics report that cigarettes are very dangerous in terms of being a fire hazard and it’s within the top 5 causes of fire in the modern world.

Also, with the use of electronic cigarettes, you will not need to carry any item that will produce fire on its own or carry its own fuel. This means, there is no reason for you to carry lighters or matchsticks, which are fire hazards.

Now that we have covered why electronic cigarettes that do not combust are safer compared to the traditional cigarettes, let’s discuss how you can safely use these cool little devices.

  • Electronic Cigarette Safety

Most electronic cigarettes are safe to use and safety concerns are very minimal, especially the ones that are branded as beginner e-cigs. However, there are a few things that you need to watch out for.

Atomizer - this is the part of the device that works similar to an electronic heater. This means, it can get hot. There are instances that the area around the atomizer would go hot. When this happens, put your electronic cigarette down and return to it once it has cooled. Alternatively, you may also change the atomizer and continue using the electronic cigarette but the battery may also be hot or warm.

Charging - it's imperative that you do not charge your electronic cigarette much like you charge other electronic devices, especially smart phones. Do not charge your electronic cigarette overnight. The main reason is because overnight charging might cause the battery to explode. Overnight charging leads to battery life instability which also leads to battery failure. Remove the charger once you see the device is fully charged.e-Cigarette Chargers

Short Circuits - carrying your electronic cigarette around is easy. However, there is always a possibility of short circuit. When your battery short circuits, it will generate a lot of heat, even melting components and wires within your device. To avoid short circuits, do not carry spare or main batteries in the same pocket together with metallic objects like keys and coins. Also, turn-off your e-cigarette when you are not using it. Make use of a carry case to store batteries and other short circuit-prone parts like the cartomizer or clearomizer.

Manufacturer Chargers – make use of the manufacturer-supplied charger when charging up your electronic cigarette. If you have to use a replacement charger, make sure that the polarity, power rating and threading are the same as the original charger.

E-Liquids - these are the liquids that you heat up to form the vapour. Also, this is where the nicotine comes from. Nicotine may be dangerous in large quantities. Accidental spillage into your mouth is not advised but small amounts should not harm and adult too much. Nevertheless, make sure you seal tight the eliquids and wipe any spills or leaks immediately.

  • e-Cig Safety Summary

Electronic cigarettes are on the way up to mainstream culture. And why shouldn’t they be? They are safer compared to traditional cigarettes in terms of a safety hazard. Nevertheless, you must employ safety precautions such as being aware of atomizer heating, proper charging, lower the short-circuit risks and use eliquids properly and responsibly. Even with these precautions, an electronic cigarette is still safe and poses minimal threats based on current global usage.

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