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CashBacco eCig Blog - Information and articles about Electronic Cigarettes and e-Liquids in the UK

Aspire Electronic Cigarettes have launched two new atomizers into the Aspire Atlantis range. The Atlantis V2 & the Atlantis Mega are now available to buy online in the UK. Here at CashBacco we have them available on pre order. Those orders will be shipped on a first come first served basis. Initial launch stock is selling fast & the specification of these new arrival atomizer tanks is why.

The Atlantis atomizer range is based around Sub Ohm vaping. This entails vaping at very low...

The New MK Tank with Sub Ohm capabilities from Vision Electronic Cigarettes.

With so many new atomizer tank products available, the old Vision eGo and Vivi Nova tanks have not helped Vision remain a market leader in atomizers or clearomizers.

Things may now have changed with the launch of the new MK Tank which has Sub Ohm Capabilities.

Sub Ohm vaping offers cloud chasers the ability to produce massive clouds and plumes of smoke but also drastically increases the flavouring or taste...

This time of year always fills us with Holiday spirit and we tend to look towards life with optimism. The beginning of a New Year (2015) and a fresh start is usually a part of the New Year’s celebrations and a New Year is never complete without some New Year resolutions.

Whether it is about losing weight, giving back to the community or simply to quit and give up smoking, keeping to these New Year resolutions can be much harder than it seems. It is a good habit to start these...

Safety Aspects of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are not only a booming industry, but they are also being accepted into society more and more around the world. These nifty alternative smoking devices have their own advantages over traditional cigarettes such as being safer with no burning ash and cheaper.

Despite of it being a possibly safer way of inhaling nicotine, there are a few things that you should know when it comes to eCig safety and if they are harmful. After...

There's no better way to kick a bad habit than to have the National Health Service (NHS) and Public Health England kindly granny over you (plus over fifty thousand others like you and counting) with daily reminders and advice on how to quit smoking this October or “Stoptober”

Stoptober is the health promotion which the NHS runs in October each year to get smokers to not just help clear up the British air of carcinogenic smoke, but also their lungs and quit traditional cigarettes.

It is never too early to begin shopping for Christmas gifts for your friends and relatives. In fact, the earlier you begin the xmas gift search, the better. As such, this piece explores some alternative smoking products and electronic cigarette Christmas gift ideas, to create a lasting imprint upon the minds of your smoking friends by getting them that special something that will give them that extra-ordinary, out-of-this-world experience.

First, it is imperative to note that shopping for...

For the last 5 years, people have been able to search sites such as eBay and Amazon for electronic cigarettes and alternative electronic smoking products. The listing of these items has been plentiful and the general public worldwide have been able to buy these electronic smoking devices without much trouble at all.

Things seem to be a changing!

Basically, there is regulation in place that means that paid for adverts that are served on the side and top of search engine result pages...

We recently received a request from our most loyal international customer. The request was that he will be visiting China from Thailand and he wished to visit the Kamry eCigarettes factory. This was due to him also being a loyal customer and purchasing many Kamry products via our CashBacco Electronic Cigarettes website.

It was arranged by CashBacco for David to visit the Kamry factory in China, below is his letter to us after his visit.

"Good morning CashBacco and Kamry.

I write...


CashBacco™ electronic cigarettes & e-liquid products for sale on this website are not to be purchased or used by people aged under 18.

If you are unsure of the effects of nicotine, please consult your local general practitioner or a doctor. Most e-liquid & electronic cigarette products contain nicotine which is an addictive drug. CashBacco™ products are not intended to be used as a nicotine replacement therapy. Our products may be harmful to a persons' health & you should not use them if you are allergic to any ingredients within. Females that are pregnant or breast feeding should not use our eLiquids or alternative electronic smoking products, nor should any person with bad or ill health. CashBacco™ trade-mark, associated marketing & market identifiers are the exclusive intellectual property of CashBacco Limited.

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